Contemporary Topics in Philosophy - Collected Reading Lists

These collected reading lists are shared here for the purposes of self-directed learning and the formation of independent reading groups. Categories are sorted roughly by adherence to pragmatism or to idealism including certain dependencies of concepts pertinent to later categories on prior ones without any definite hierarchy. Introductory courses are listed first within each category and then followed by the rest chronologically. All topics must be addressed and the last topics bring us back to the first. Information wants to be free.

Table of Contents

Early Modern History

Some Texts From Early Modern Philosophy 2019 Jonathan Bennett

Early Modern Philosophy 2019 Jonny McIntosh

The Outcome of Classical German Philosophy 2019 Richard Wolin, CUNY Grad Center

Kant And German Idealism 2019 Deree College, American College of Greece

Portfolio Papers Guide - Modern Philosophy 2019 Emory

Descartes to Kant 2018 Rob Wilson, La Trobe

Modern Philosophy, Descartes to Kant 2018 K. DeRose, Yale

Modern Philosophy 2018 Stewart Duncan, Florida

Philosophical Inquiry into the Modern World 2018 Nahum Brown, Hong Kong Science and Technology

Mind and Nature in German Idealism 2017 Matthew T. Segall, California Institute of Integral Studies

Nietzsche 2017 Ken Gemes and Andrew Huddleston, Birkbeck

19th Century Political Philosophy 2016 Amy Barnes, McGill

Descartes, Locke And The Seventeenth Century 2016 Martha Bolton, Rutgers

Early Modern Philosophy 2016 Stephen Wright Jesus College, Oxford

Spinoza and His Critics: Nihilism, Pantheism, and the Crisis of Reason 2015 Joseph Trullinger, George Washington

19th Century Philosophy 2015 Steven Levine, UMass Boston

Nineteenth Century Philosophy: Hegel, Marx, and Nietzsche 2014 Robert Brandom, Pitt

Nietzsche 2014 Will McNeill, DePaul

A Semantic Reading of Hegel’s Phenomenology 2013 Robert Brandom, Pitt

History of Early Modern Philosophy 2013 Jason Fisette, George Washington

Schelling 2013 Peter Warnek, Oregon

Early Modern Philosophy 2013 Curtis Sommerlatte

Hegel’s Phenomenology of Spirit 2013 Rocío Zambrana, Oregon

Modern Philosophy, the Origin of the Modern Mind 2012 Xinli Wang, Juniata

16th and 17th Century Philosophy 2011 Bruce W. Hauptli, Florida International

Cartesian Man 2011 Alison Simmons, Harvard

British Empiricism 2011 Bruce W. Hauptli, Florida International

Hegel (Phenomenology of Spirit) 2011 Steven Levine, UMass Boston

Early Modern Philosophy 2010 Alan Gabbey, Columbia

Early German Idealism 2009 Sebastian Luft, Marquette

Hegel (Phenomenology of Spirit) 2008 Sebastian Luft

Foundations Of Modern Philosophy 2001 Bryan S. Rennie, Westminster

Nineteenth Century Continental Philosophy 1998 Peter Suber, Earlham

19th-Century Philosophy 1996 Kalamazoo

The Philosophy Of Immanuel Kant - Kenneth F. Rogerson, Florida International


Consciousness 2019 Ned Block, NYU

Philosophy of Psychology: Perception 2019 Jonathan Cohen, UC San Diego

Philosophy of Mind 2019 Ned Block, NYU

Philosophy of Mind II: Special Topics 2016 King’s College London

Philosophy of Psychology Syllabus 2015 Kevin Lande

Theory of Perception Fall 2014 Alison Peterman, Rochester

Perception and the Body 2009 Clare Batty, Kentucky

Percepts and Concepts 2005 Michael Strevens and Ned Block NYU

Math & Logic

Introduction to Logic 2019 Wes Holliday, UC Berkeley

Introduction to Mathematical Logic 2018 Gillian Russell
Symbolic Logic 2019 Gillian Russell

Introduction to Logic 2012 Kiriake Xerohemona, Florida International

Introduction to Logic 2008 Henry Jackman, York

Introductory Logic 2005 Hans Halvorson, Princeton

Introduction to Logic - Patrick Walsh and Kathy Enid Snow, Manitoba

Inductive Logic Syllabus 2019 Matt McCormick

Introduction to Logic 2019 Christopher Menzel, Texas A&M

Probability I 2011 Mark M. Maxwell, Texas

Introduction to Probability and Statistics - Bekki George, Houston

Introduction To Probability And Statistics - Suny Old Westbury

Introduction To Statistics - The People

Philosophical Logic 2016 Jonny McIntosh

Introduction to Philosophy of Mathematics 2010 Ben Levinstein, Rutgers

History and Philosophy of Mathematics 2011 Michele Benzi and Ursula Goldenbaum

Introduction to Formal Proof 2020 Bernard Sufrin, Oxford

Logic and Proof 2020 Christoph Haase, Oxford

Categories, Proofs and Processes 2020 Samson Abramsky, Oxford

Automata, Logic and Games 2020 Luke Ong, Oxford

Differential Equations (CoCalc) 2020 Thomas W. Judson

Algebraic combinatorics (CoCalc) 2019 Nadia Lafreni`ere, Dartmouth

Multivariate Calculus (CoCalc) 2019 Paul Meyer Reimer

Advanced Philosophical Logic 2019 Gillian Russell
Advanced Symbolic Logic 2019 Gillian Russell

Calculus III (CoCalc) 2018 Charmaine Sia, NYU

From Kant to Quine: Reading List 2018 Neil Dewar, Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy, LMU Munich

Philosophy Of Mathematics 2018 John P. Burgess, Princeton

Philosophy of Mathematics 2018 Penelope Maddy

Algebra for Teachers (CoCalc) 2017 Luís Finotti

The Philosophy of Immanuel Kant 2017 Anders Kraal

Mathematical Statistics 2016 D Joyce

Modern Statistics and Exploration of Large Datasets 2015 Brian Coopersmith

Philosophy of Mathematics 2015 Paolo Mancosu, UC Berkeley

Philosophy of Logic 2015 Aaron J. Cotnoir, St. Andrews

Philosophy of Mathematics 2015 Bruno Whittle

Philosophy of Mathematics 2015 Thomas Donaldson, Stanford

Philosophy of Mathematics 2015 Audrey Yap

Philosophy of Statistics 2014 Conor Mayo-Wilson, Washington

Philosophy of Logic 2014 Neil Tennant

Foundations of Probability & Statistics 2013 Jonah Schupbach, Utah

Philosophy Of Mathematics 2012 Ian Dove and James Woodbridge

Social Choice Theory for Logicians 2012 Eric Pacuit

Language and Paradox 2011 Kiriake Xerohemona

First Order Logic 2011 Eric Pacuit
Symbolic Logic 2012
Epistemic Game Theory 2012
Models of Strategic Reasoning 2012
Modal Logic 2012, 2006
Rationality 2011
Logic and Artificial Intelligence 2011
Model Theory 2008, 2006
Recursion Theory 2006

A Reading List on the Foundations of Probability and Statistics 2010 Matt Leifer

Computability & Logic 2009 Eric Pacuit

Philosophy of Probability 2008 Elliott Sober

Recommended Reading List 1997 Michael Lavine Statistical Science, Duke

Probability and Statistics II - New Haven

Philosophical and Ethical Issues in Statistics - Colorado

Philosophy of Mathematics Reading List - John Lane Bell

Philosophy and Logic: A Self-Paced Course - Austen Clark

Introduction to Logic - Jennifer Wang


Beginners Guide to Marxism

Reality Communist Reading list
Advanced Basic Course in Marxist-Leninist Politics 1971 Althusserian review Theoretical Practice

Marxism-Leninism Study Guide for Beginners

Young Democratic Socialists Reading List for Democratic Socialists

Contemporary Continental Political Philosophy 2020 Christian Lotz

Red-Black Thread Reading List 2019 Siah Armajani, The Met

The Rank and File Strategy: A Resource List 2019 Joe Allen, Midwest Socialist DSA

Black Red Guard’s Reading List and Educational Video Recommendations 2018 Black Red Guard

Marxian Theory 2018 Marc Blecher


Marx and Marxism 2017 Tommie Shelby

Communism, Capitalism, and Social Justice 2017 Ellen Carnaghan


The Black Communist Reading list 2016 David Fields, Union for Radical Political Economics

Marx and Marxism 2015 Bruno Leipold

Introduction to Marxist Philosophy 2015 Robert Ware

Marx and the Alienation Concept 2015 Vanessa Wills

Marxism 2013 Emanuele Saccarelli;seque


History And Philosophy Of Socialism 2012 Professors Peter Weisensel and Henry West

The Fundamentals of Marxism: A Short Reading List 2012 Socialist Appeal

From Hegel to Marx 2012 Marcello Musto

The people’s history reading list 2010 Howard Zinn

Marx, Ethics and Political Philosophy 2009 Andrew Chitty

Equality: Sociological & Philosophical Perspectives 2009 Harry Brighouse & Erik Olin Wright

A History of European Socialism 1995 Steven Kreis

Socialist Theory Reading List - Bertell Ollman

Autonomist Marxism - Harry Cleaver

History And Philosophy Of Socialism

Political Theory: Communism - B. Ollman


Introduction to Existentialism 2014 Cameron Bassiri

Introduction to Existentialism 2013 Paul Muench

Introduction to Existentialism 2013 Mark Colby, Rutgers

Introduction to Existentialism - Curtis Sommerlatte

Existentialism 2020 Leslie A. Howe, Saskatchewan

Philosophies of Death and Dying 2019 Jerry Piven

Existentialism 2019 Matthew Coate, Kent

Existentialism 2019 Maxwell J. D. Ramstead, McGill

Existentialism 2017 Peter Warnek, Oregon

Existentialism 2016 Alia Al-Saji, McGill

Twentieth-Century Continental Thought: Existentialism 2016 Rachel Jones, George Mason

Existentialism 2014 James C. Olsen, Georgetown

Existentialism 2013 Michael Olson, Pitt

Existentialism 2013 Martie Reineke

Existentialism 2013 W. Blattner, Georgetown

Existentialism 2011 Xinli Wang, Juniata

Existentialism 2010 Timothy J. Freeman

Existentialism 2008 Matthew J. Brown

Existentialism 2005 Samuel Kerstein

Existential Risk - Joshua Schuster, Western Ontario

Critical Theory

Reading guide: Marxist philosophy 2015 In Defence of Marxism

Marx, Marxism, and Philosophy Today — Seminar Reading List 2018

Ph.D. Cultural Theory Reading List - Cultural Studies, Stony Brook

Critical Theory Reading List - College of Arts and Science, Kentucky

1968 Politics After Aesthetics - Colorado Boulder

The Frankfurt School 2020 Psychology, Essex

Marxism 2019 Jack Jacobs, CUNY Grad Center

The Frankfurt School and Its Writers 2018 Nicholas Rennie

Marx, Nietzsche, Freud 2018 Nicholas Rennie

Sociological Marxism 2017 Erik Olin Wright, Wisconsin Madison

The Modern Revolution 2016 Robert C. Thomas

Marx and Marxism 2015 Bruno Leipold

Exploring the Social: Critical Theory, Critical Thinking and Social Science 2011 Social Sciences, Lund

Philosophy - further reading guide 2010

Revolutionary reading guide 2005 Chris Wright

Cultural Analysis, Modernity, Knowledge and the Self 2000 P. Earenfight, J. Roney, P. Rothstein, P. Schettler, X. Wang, Juniata,%20Knowledge%20and%20the%20Self_2000.pdf

Modern & Post-Modern Philosophy - American Public

Alternative Modernity - Andrew Feenberg

Critical Theory – Immanent Critique - Rocío Zambrana

The Frankfurt School: Philosophy in Relation to Social Theory, Cultural Theory, Science, and Interdisciplinary Research - Ralph Dumain

SAMPLE READING LIST: Frankfurt School Theorists and Their Interlocutors - English, Columbia

Georg Lukacs & Frankfurt School - Stanley Aronowitz, Sociology, CUNY Grad Center


Seminar in Frankfurt School Critical Theory - Andrew Feenberg

The Frankfurt School and “Critical Theory” -

20th century existentialism, Critical Theory, and postmodernism - Andrew Feenberg


Digital and Interactive Media 2020 Shane Denson, Stanford

Literature in the Age of Artificial Intelligence 2020 Dennis Yi Tenen, Columbia

Computational Media 2020 Kevin Driscoll

Marxism and Literary Theory 2019 Alys Eve Weinbaum, Washington

Approaching Digital Humanities 2019 Michael J. Kramer, Northwestern

Transforming Texts:Textual Analysis, Literary Modeling, and Visualization 2019 Dennis Tenen, Pamela Smith, Steven Feiner, Terry Catapano, Tianna Uchacz, Carmine Elvezio

Currents in Media Theory 2018 Shane Denson, Stanford

Digital Media and Cyberculture, Internet Ethnography 2018 Alice Marwick, Fordham

Technologies of Literary Production 2017 Whitney Trettien

Metaphors of Data: a Reading List 2017 Social Media Collective

Information Visualization 2015 Chris Alen Sula, Pratt

Digital Humanities 2015 Chris Alen Sula, Pratt

Digital Media Technology 2014 Shawn Harrel

Digital Humanities 2012 Matthew Wilkens

Marxism and Media 2012 Mark Hansen

Hacking the Humanities - Austin Mason, Carleton

Digital Humanities Curated Syllabi - Scott b. Weingart


SAMPLE READING LIST: Marxism and the Interpretation of Culture

Critical Theory Reading List - English, Kentucky

Scripta Aesthetica Reading List

Topics in Philosophy of Art 2020 Ned Markosian, UMass Amherst

Aesthetics and Phenomenology 2019 Shane Denson

Aesthetics 2019 Stephen Wright Trinity College, Oxford

Science Fiction and Philosophy 2018 Tziovanis Georgakis

A Marxist Reading List: Art and Literary Theory 2018 Verso

Architecture + Anonymity 2018 Joshua M. Taron, Calgary

The Nonhuman: Aesthetics and Politics of Personhood 2017 Alexander R. Galloway

Media at the Intersection of Art & Theory 2016 Ashley Scarlett

Philosophy of Art / Aesthetics 2015 WILLIAM IRWIN

Aesthetics: Philosophy of the Arts 2014 Instructor: Chris Venner

Aesthetics and the Arts 2014 Montana

Capitalism-Criticism-Contemporary Art 2012 Gail Day, Leeds

Philosophy Of Art 2012 Timothy J. Freeman

DELEUZE’S AESTHETICS 2012 Alexander R. Galloway

Reading list 2010 Eugene Hirschfeld, Marxist Theory of Art

Philosophy of Art 2007 Kenton Harris

Aesthetics 2006 David Clowney

Gothic Romanticism 1998 Harriet Kramer

Philosophy of Arts - Angela Curran

The Problem of Non-Discursive Thought from Goethe to Wittgenstein - James Conant, David Wellbery, Aratha Hamawaki, Chicago


Time & Time-Consciousness 2017 Bob Sandmeyer

Transcendental Philosophy: From German Idealism to Phenomenology 2015 Georgy Chernavin, National Research Higher School of Economics

Husserl’s Logical Investigations 2015 Bob Sandmeyer, Kentucky

Phenomenology and Hermeneutics 2013 Gail Weiss, George Washington

Phenomenology – Husserl 2012 Frédéric Seyler, DePaul

Heidegger And Phenomenology 2012 Will Mcneill, Depaul,_McNeill.pdf

Phenomenology 2012 John J. Drummond, Fordham

Phenomenology and Existentialism Jean-Paul Sartre’s Being and Nothingness 2010 Paul Vincent Spade, Indiana

Phenomenology: Husserl, Heidegger, Derrida 2008 Nythamar de Oliveira

The Idea Of Transcendental Philosophy 2007 John J. Drummond, Fordham

Intersubjectivity from Hegel to the Present 2006 Christian Lotz, Michigan State

Desire and Distance: Renaud Barbaras’ Reading of Merleau-Ponty - Frédéric Seyler,%20Seyler.pdf

Phenomenology, Hermeneutics, Deconstruction - Nythamar de Oliveira

Phenomenology - Kevin Lande

Philosophy of Science

Sociology of scientfic knowledge - Martin Kusch, Department of History and Philosophy of Science, Cambridge

Philosophy of Science 1 2018 Emma Tobin

Philosophy and the Sciences 2018 Elliott Sober

Introduction to the Philosophy of Science 2017 Ulf Hlobil, Concordia

Introduction to Philosophy of Science 2014 Helen Longino, Stanford

Introduction to Philosophy of Science 2012 Xinli Wang

Philosophy of Science I - Mathias Frisch, Maryland

Philosophy of Science Area Comprehensive Exam 2011 Western Ontario

Classics of Analytic Philosophy 2020 Guy Longworth, Warwick

Nature and Philosophy of Social Science Research 2020 Andrew Brown

Evolutionary Contingency 2019 Alison K. McConwell

PHILOSOPHY OF SCIENCE 2018, 2014 Michael Strevens


Philosophy of Science 2018 Shamik Dasgupta

Philosophy of Science 2018 Emily Parke

Science Studies Reading List 2016 Science and Technology Studies, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

History of Science and Technology Reading List 2016 The History of Science Society

PHILOSOPHY OF SCIENCE 2016 James Woodbridge

philosophy of science and in the philosophy of technology 2016 James Collier

Logical Positivism 2016 Kevin Klement, UMass Amherst

Philosophy of Science 2016 Daniel J. McKaughan

History of Analytic Philosophy 2016 Jonathan L. Kvanvig

French Theory Since 1989 - 2015 Alexander R. Galloway

Analytic Philosophy Reading List for the Self Taught 2015 fuckyeahlogical

Introduction to Philosophy of Science 2015 Doreen Fraser

Philosophy of Science 2015 - Eleanor Knox, King’s College London

History and Philosophy of Science 2014 Koen Lefever

The Analytic Tradition 2014 James Conant, Chicago

History of Analytic Philosophy 1879-1930 Summer vacation reading list, 2013

Philosophy of Science 2013 Ted Poston, South Alabama

History of Logical Empiricism 2012 Angela Potochnik

Philosophy of Science 2012 James Pearson

Philosophy of Social Science 2012 Erik Olin Wright, Daniel M. Hausman

History & Philosophy of Science 2011 Jonah Schupbach

History and Philosophy of the Social Sciences 2009 Mark Solovey, Toronto

Special Topics in the History of Philosophy: Quine and Davidson 2009 Gilbert Harman and Ernie Lepore, Rutgers and Princeton

History of Evolutionary Thought, Philosophy of Biology –Darwin and Darwinism 2008 Ronald Numbers and Elliott Sober

Philosophy of Science 2007 Jonathan Bain

Western Philosophy of Social Science 2005 Daniel Little

Philosophy of Science 2004 Janet D. Stemwedel


SOCIOLOGICAL THEORY READING LIST 2004 Joint Doctoral Program in Sociology - The University of Akron and Kent State University

Science and Society in 20th Century America 2002 Roger B. Blumberg

Modern and Post-Modern Themes in Scientific Realism 1999 Joseph Hanna

Philosophy of Science - Monika Piotrowska

Philosophy of Science - Hilary Greaves

Female Authors Only Philosophy of Science - Anya Plutynski

Philosophy of Science - George Botterill, Sheffield!/file/230.pdf

Modelling, Representation, and Inference in Science - Emily Parke

The Vienna Circle and Logical Empiricism - Jonathan Tsou

Scientific Revolutions and Modern Society - Dartmouth

History and Philosophy of Science - Richard Dietz

Biology & Chemistry

Philosophy of Evolutionary Biology 2018 Elliott Sober

Philosophy of Biology 2014 Ronald J. Planer, Rutgers

Darwin, Genes, and Embryology 2012 Daniel J. McKaughan, Boston College

Philosophy of Biology 2011 Joel Velasco

Philosophy of Biology 2009 Chris Stephens, British Columbia

Philosophy of Biology 2009 Brad Weslake, NYU Shanghai

Philosophy of Biology - Michael R. Dietrich, Dartmouth


History of Chemistry Course Syllabi - Peter J. Ramberg

Philosophy of Science 2: Concepts and Categories in Biology - Emily Parke

Philosophy of Biology II 2002 Lindley Darden, Maryland


Mind, Matter, and Meaning - Edward N. Zalta, Stanford

Metaphysics - Branden Fitelson

Introduction to Metaphysics 2020 Ned Markosian, UMass Amherst
Topics in Metaphysics 2015

Philosophy of Mind 2019 Jonny McIntosh

Philosophy of Mind 2019 Ian Gold, McGill

TOPICS IN PHILOSOPHY OF MIND, An Advanced Introduction 2018 Karen Neander and Carlotta Pavese

PHILOSOPHY OF MIND 2018 Tim Crane, Central European

Philosophy of Mind 2018 Daniel Kelly, Purdue

Topics in Metaphysics 2015 Ned Markosian, UMass Amherst

Knowledge and Reality 2015 Rudy Garns

Texts in Contemporary Metaphysics 2014 Katherine Hawley and Aaron Cotnoir

Formal Ontology 2013 Achille C. Varzi, Columbia

Philosophy of Wilfrid Sellars 2010 James Conant, Chicago

Consciousness 2010 Ned Block, NYU

Philosophy of Mind Fall 2009 Elisabeth Camp, Penn

METAPHYSICS 2009 Achille Varzi, Columbia

The Philosophy of Wilfrid Sellars 2004 Michael Kremer, James Conant, Chicago

Mereology 2003 Thomas Bittner, Buffalo

Metaphysics: Material Objects 2001 Cian Dorr, NYU

The Metaphysics of Persons 1996 Christian Perring, Kentucky

Philosophy of Mind - Cian Dorr, NYU

Philosophy of Mind - William Bechtel, UC San Diego

Philosophy of Mind and Consciousness - Sara Waller, Montana

Metaphysics - Cian Dorr, NYU

Proseminar in Metaphysics and Epistemology - Michael Tooley, Colorado

Metaphysics - Anthony Price, NYU

Philosophical Paradoxes - Andrew Bacon, USC


Lacan Reading List, Tom Davis



Psychoanalysis And Modern Culture 2012 Suzanne Raitt


SUBJECTIVITY Explorations in Anthropology, Psychoanalysis, and Psychiatry 2002 Aaron Burr, Princeton

New and Noteworthy on Lacan

History and philosophy of psychoanalysis - John Forrester, Department of History and Philosophy of Science, Cambridge

Computer Science

Foundations of Computer Science 2020 Egor Kostylev

introduction to the intellectual enterprises of computer science © 2020 Harvard

Programming and Technology for Teaching Secondary School Mathematics (CoCalc) 2019 George Jennings

Introduction to Computer Programming (Python) 2017, 2014 NYU

Computer Science I (C++) 2017 James Allert, Minnesota Duluth

Programming in Python 2016 CS, Washington

Intro to Computer Science & Programming (C++) 2016 Donghwoon Kwon

Introduction to Computing (C++) 2015 William Skeith

Introduction to Data Science 2015 Assefaw Gebremedhin

Intro to Programming (Python) - Richard Sarkis

Introduction to Computer Science II (C++) 2019 Luyao Zhang, Oregon State

Introduction to network science 2017 Filippo Menczer

Philosophy (in Computer Science and Philosophy) Reading List

Philosophy Of Computer Science 2020 William J. Rapaport, Buffalo
Philosophy Of Computer Science 2010
Philosophy Of Computer Science 2004

Logic and Proof 2020 Christoph Haase, Oxford

Algorithms and Data Structures 2020 Andreas Galanis, Oxford

Mining Massive Data Sets 2019 Jure Leskovec, Stanford
Computer Science with Applications III 2019 Matthew Wachs, Chicago
Data Mining 2009 Anand Rajaraman and Jeffrey D. Ullman, Stanford

Computer-Assisted Mathematical Problem Solving (CoCalc, Python) 2019 Benjamin Dozier, SUNY Stony Brook

Algorithms 2019 Robbie Hott, Virginia

Computational Probability and Statistics 2019 Pei Wang, Temple

Graduate Algorithms 2018 Sriram Sankaranarayanan, Colorado

Models of Computation 2018 Tom Melham, Oxford

Data Structures and Algorithms (C++) 2018 Natarajan Meghanathan

Data Structures and Algorithms (C++) 2017 Scott Schaefer

Critical Algorithm Studies: a Reading List 2016 Tarleton Gillespie and Nick Seaver, Social Media Collective

Mathematical Concepts in Computing II 2016 Longin Jan Latecki, David Shulman

Data Structures (C++) 2015 Rongkai Guo

Physics, Information, and Computation 2014 Jonathan Bain, NYU

Computational Probability and Statistics 2019, 2016 David Dobor

Computational Game Theory 2020 Michael Wooldridge

Models of Computation 2020 Rahul Santhanam

Mathematics for Computer Science and Philosophy: 2019-2020 (Linear Algebra, Continuous Functions)

The Philosophy of Computer Science 2007 Matti Tedre, Joensuu

Data Structures, Algorithms, and Generic Programming (C++) 2006 Breno de Medeiros

Philosophy of Computer Science: An Introductory Course 2005

Creating a Computer Science Canon: a Course of “Classic” Readings in Computer Science - Michael Eisenberg, Colorado

Computer Science Tripos Syllabus and Booklist 2011–12, Department of Computer Science and Technology, Cambridge

Philosophy of Computer Science - Frederick (Fred) Kroon, Auckland

The Art of Data Structures (Python) - Richard Sarkis, Rochester

Advanced Algorithms Syllabus - Emma Ziegellaub Eichler

Data Implementation and Analysis (C++) - Richard E. Pattis, UC Irvine


PHILOSOPHY OF LANGUAGE 2019 James Woodbridge

Theories of Language 2017 David Golumbia, Virginia Commonwealth

Logic and Philosophy of Language 2017 Oslo

Philosophy of Language 2015 Michael O’Rourke, Michigan State

Linguistics Prelims Reading List 2014 Oxford

Philosophy of Language 2013 M. Glanzberg, Northwestern

Philosophy of Language 2012 Kiriake Xerohemona, Florida International

Philosophy of Language 2010 Richard T. W. Arthur, McMaster

Philosophy of Language 2008 William Starr

Philosophy of Language 2007 R. L. Mendelsoh

Proseminar on Meaning 2005 James McGilvray & Jeff Speaks, Notre Dame

Text Processing

Introduction to Computational Linguistics 2019 Olga Zamaraeva, Sara Ng

Introduction to Computational Linguistics 2019

Natural Language Understanding and Computational Semantics (Python) 2019 Katharina Kann, Sam Bowman

Comprehensive Exam Reading Lists 2019 Gregory Palermo

Computational Semantics 2018 Ellie Pavlick

Patterns in Language (CoCalc) 2018 Lucas Champollion

Computational Semantics 2018 Katrin Erk

Seminar in Semantics / Philosophy of Language 2015 Chris Barker and Jim Pryor

Logic-based Approaches to the Semantics of Natural Language Michael Kohlhase
Computational Natural Language Semantics 2015 Michael Kohlhase

Computing in Context: Literary Studies (Python) 2016 Dennis Yi Tenen

Philosophy of Language 2010 Clare Batty

Computational Semantics (Haskell) 2010

Computer-aided methods in linguistics 1997 John Brandon Lowe, UC Berkeley


Philosophy Of Mind, The Aesthetic Mind 2019 Instructor: James Dow

Philosophy Of Mind 2019 Devin Sanchez Curry

Minds and Machines 2019 Eric Swanson, Michigan

Philosophy & Technology 2019 Dennis Weiss

Philosophy of Technology 2019 Benjamin Berger

Minds, Machines, Persons 2019 Wes Skolits, Rutgers


Advanced Introduction to Philosophy of Mind 2018 Ned Block, Dave Chalmers, NYU

Feminism & Technology 2018 Alice Marwick

Cyborgs and Cybernetics 2018 Danya Glabau

Minds And Machines 2018 University Of Toronto Dave Suarez

Introduction to Cognitive Science 2018 Brian Scholl, Yale

The Ethics and Governance of Artificial Intelligence 2018 Jonathan Zittrain, MIT

Topics in Philosophy of Mind: Graduate Seminar on Artificial Intelligence 2018 Lisa Miracchi, Penn

Introduction to Cognitive Science 2017 Lisa Miracchi and Charles Yang, Penn

The Speculative Situation 2017 Matthew Kirschenbaum, Maryland

Artificial Intelligence & Society 2017 David Abel

Machine Minds: Philosophy of AI 2017 Matt McCormick

Technologies of Dissent 2017 Dennis Tenen

The Digital and the Analog 2017 Alexander R. Galloway


Readings in Communication and Technology 2017, John M. Ackerman, Colorado

Philosophy of Mind 2017 Luca Barlassina, Sheffield

Philosophy of Mind: all-female syllabus 2016 Zoe Drayson

Digital Divide / Digital Inclusion: A Reading List 2016 Social Media Collective

Minds and Machines: Philosophy of Cognitive Science 2016 Luis H. Favela, University of Central Florida

Rationality and its Other II 2015 Christian Lotz

Philosophical Foundations of Cognitive Science 2015 Rosa Cao and Branden Bryan, Indiana

Concepts of Information 2015 Paul Duguid, Geoffrey Nunberg, UC Berkeley

Technology in Contemporary Society 2015 Dean Taciuch

Philosophy of Neuroscience Seminar 2015 Paul Skokowski, Stanford

Minds, Machines, and Persons 2015 Cameron Domenico Kirk-Giannini, Rutgers

Technology in Contemporary Society 2014 Dean Taciuch

Philosophy of Mind 2014 Michael O’Rourke

Philosophy of Neuroscience 2012 Michael Madary, Pacific


Philosophy of Technology 2010 Matthew J. Brown

Analytic Philosophy: Wilfrid Sellars 2009 Robert Brandom

Introduction to Science and Technology Studies 2004 Christopher Kelty, Rice
Introduction to Science and Technology Studies 2002 Christopher Kelty and Hannah Landecker, Rice

Philosophy of Mind 2004, Mark Bedau, Reed

Philosophy and Artificial Intelligence 2003 Samir Chopra

Philosophy of Minds & Machines 2001 Peter Suber

Autopoiesis and Enaction 2000 Randall Whitaker

Minds and Machines - Jonathan Bain

Philosophy of Technology - Andrew Feenberg

The Sciences of the Artificial - Michael S. Mahoney

Can Machines Know? Can Machines Feel? - Yoav Shoham and Eric Pacuit

History and Theory of New Media - Christiane Paul

Theoretical / Intellectual Traditions in Information Studies - Leah A. Lievrouw

Human-Computer Interaction

Digital and Interactive Media 2020 Shane Denson

Human-Computer Interaction 2019 Jeremy R. Cooperstock

Foundations of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) and Evidence-Based Design 2019 Bruce N. Walker

Human-Computer Interaction 2017 Professor Bilge Mutlu

The Digital and the Analog 2017 Alexander R. Galloway

Human-Computer Interaction 2015 Nicholas Giudice

Engineering Ethics 2006 Taft Broome

Machine Learning

Machine Learning 2020 Phil Blunsom | Ani Calinescu

Artificial Intelligence 2020 Bernardo Cuenca Grau

Fundamentals of Machine Learning 2019 Catia S. Silva

ML and realism references to use 2019 Ryan Reece

Artificial Intelligence 2019 Thomas Bolander

Advanced Machine Learning (Python) 2019 Bert Huang

Algorithmic Culture 2018 Christian Sandvig, Michigan

Philosophy and Automation Complete 2018

Artificial Intelligence 2018 Venkatesh Narayanamurti

Artificial Intelligence 2017 Philipp Koehn

Learning Machines 2016 Patrick Hebron

Artificial Intelligence 2014 Jerry Kaplan

Introduction to Cybernetics and the Design of Systems 2006 Hugh Dubberly, Paul Pangaro

Artificial Intelligence and Cybernetics 1990 Paul Pangaro

Introduction To Systems Science 1990 C. Joslyn, Systems Science Department Of Suny Binghamton

Philosophy Of Artificial Intelligence 1986 William J. Rapaport

A General Reading List for Artificial Intelligence 1985 Devika Subramanian, Bruce G. Buchanan

Recommended Cybernetics Books - The Cybernetics Society

Philosophy, Computing, and AI - Thomas A. Blackson

Ethics of Artificial Intelligence - Mark Sprevak

Artificial Intelligence - Computer Science, Brown

Political Economy

In Defense of the Labor Theory of Value 2019 Cosmonaut

Platypus primary Marxist reading group 2019
Platypus Introduction to the History of Marxism Readings 2011
Summer and Fall/Autumn 2017 – Winter 2020 I. What is the Left? – What is Marxism
Platypus primary Marxist Reading Group Winter–Spring 2018-2020
II. Introduction to revolutionary Marxism

Reading Marx’s Capital Volume 1 2019 David Harvey
Reading Marx’s Capital Volume 2 2012

CAPITALISM AND ITS CRITICS 2019 Colin Kielty, Colorado

Marx & Marxism 2018 Sam Carter

Marx 2018 Alexander R. Galloway

Intellectual history (economic and political thought) 2018 Higher School of Economics, National Research University

Theories of the State 2017 Erik Olin Wright

Rethinking Economics Reading list 2016

History of Capitalism Reading List 2015 Kent Peacock

The Intellectual History of Capitalism 2015 Stefan J. Link

Marx 2015 Christian Lotz
Karl Marx 2014 Christian Lotz
Marx, Capital 2012 Christian Lotz, Michigan State

Marx and Marxism 2014 Mark Colby

Marx 2014 Rocío Zambrana

Materialism & Financial Markets 2013 Benjamin Lozano

Marxian Political Economy Or Marx’S Critique Of Political Economy 2013 Robert Urquhart, Denver

Topics in Continental Philosophy: State, Democracy, and Power: Radical European Political Thought 2012 Christian Lotz, Michigan State

Marxist And Post‐Marxist Political Philosophy 2011 Germaine A. Hoston, Uc San Diego

Marxism - further reading guide 2010

The Social Economy 2010 Erik Olin Wright

History and philosophy of Economics 2009 M. De Vroey

Marxist Political Theory 2005 Chad Lavin

MA Reading List - Center for Russian, East European & Eurasian Studies, College for Liberal Arts, Kansas

Climate Catastrophe

Global Climate Change 2018 Jonathan Gilligan

Global Climate Change: Science, Impacts, Solutions 2018 Jason West

Environmental Philosophy 2017 David Possen

Environmental Ethics 2015 Megan Blomfield, Stanford

Ethics And The Environment 2013 David Frank, NYU

Introductory e-Course on Climate Change 2013 UN CC:Learn

Philosophy of Ecology 2010 Ted Toadvine, Oregon

Global Climate Change 2009 Sarah Fortner, Wittenberg University

Environment, Technology, and Society 2004 Judith A. Perrolle, Northeastern

Climate Change 1: The Earth’s Climate System Instructor: Prof. Wolfgang H. Berger, UC San Diego


So You Want to Learn Physics… 2016 Susan Fowler

Philosophy of Physics Research Guide - Jeremy Butterfield, Cambridge

Special Topics (Foundations of Quantum Mechanics) 2019 Kiessling, Michael, Rutgers

Quantum Mechanics 1 2019 Daniel Bolton, Leo Radzihovsky, Colorado

Seminar in Metaphysics 2019 Ned Markosian, UMass Amherst

space, time, & matter 2019 Illinois

Philosophy of Physics 2019 Tim Maudlin, Rutgers

Philosophy of Physics 2019 Valia Allori

Philosophy of Physics 2018 Craig Callender, UC San Diego

Topics in Philosophy of Physics: Philosophy of Space and Time 2018 Rutgers

Reading list in Philosophy of Spacetime and Symmetry 2018 David Wallace, USC
Reading list on philosophy of quantum mechanics 2018

Philosophy of Time & Space 2017 Robert Smithson

Philosophy of Physics 2015 Eleanor Knox

Time and Modality syllabus 2015 Cian Dorr

Philosophy of PhysicsI: Space and Time 2016 Eleanor Knox
Philosophy of PhysicsII: Quantum Mechanics 2016 Eleanor Knox

Quantum Ideas 2016 Brian J. Smith

Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics - Colorado

Thinking about Time (Time and Time Travel) 2015 Gillian Russell

Philosophy of Physics: Space, Time and Motion 2015 Thomas Ryckman

Advanced Classical Thermodynamics 2015 Hyejin Moon

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