Building a United Front During Growth of Far Right Authoritarianism

Table of Contents The Menace of Fascism in Italy United Front with Social Democracy to Fight Fascism Prior to World War II Bolshevik United Front in the 1917 Revolution to Fight the White Army Social Democracy in US Electoral Politics Benjamin’s Work of Art in the Age of Reproduction Violence and the Spectacle of Fascism Marxists Permit Free Speech of Social Democrats but Form Their Own Publications Trotsky on the Problem of “Lesser-Evilism” Use of Term Far Right “Populist” Far Right Parties in Central/Eastern Europe After the Fall of USSR The Kenosha Shooter and Fascist Paramilitary American Corporatism The Menace of Fascism in Italy The purpose of Ted Grant’s pamphlet, The Menace of Fascism”, is to argue that fascism had carried over in the UK after WWII had ended, in contrast with the celebratory mood of the victory of democracy over the forces of fascism.

Democracy as Virtue and as Condition of Workers' Power

We should understand objective conditions of the early history of the International. Arguments held between Marx and the anarchist Bakunin during the 1st International will be very instructive for us, in that they held the same aims but it was ultimately required and easily justified on rational grounds for Bakunin to be expelled from the International. It is usefully quoted in an Ann Robertson text1 from 2003: “Bakunin, however, proceeds: “There are about forty million Germans.

Predicted Shortfalls in Government Stimulus Response to Pandemic

Table of Contents Economic Stimulus Vaccine Zero Interest Rate Loans Over Night Repo Market Politicians from the major bourgeoisie parties in power today have proven themselves to us once again. The stimulus package passed through both Houses of Congress this week and signed into law by President Trump is a disaster. We are told by the media that the American government has produced emergency aid in response to the emergency of the covid-19 virus pandemic.